Birthstone for LIBRA ( Tula)

Birthstone for LIBRA ( Tula)

September 23 - October 22 or Tula is a zodiac sign which is characterized by the symbol of scales. The ruling planet is Venus and the principle element is air. Librans are very charming and pleasant communicators so the birthstone for the, Librans can get many positive influences. So the birthstone for them is Natural Opal. Birthstones have the ability to manipulate the traits to one's favor. By wearing Natural Opal

Natural Opal helps in bringing out some significant positives that helps the people born in Libra Zodiac to lead a better life. It helps to cultivate hope and brings about a positive outlook in the approach towards life.

Since Libra is an airy sign that is related to mind, it basically symbolizes an important turning point in nature that is the autumn equinox. So it is the golden orange fire of its birthstone Natural Opal, which harbors the enormous power to foster motion and break up all forms of crystallization in the physical, ethereal or astral facet of the body.

The gemstone signifies the inevitable trial that the wearer needs to pass. And it is also important to note that here; the balance must be weighed with the deeds of the year. It symbolizes the conquest of the lower separative self along with the unfolding of love that eventually leads to unity.

Natural Opal is the birthstone for the people born in the Libra zodiac. There are few other stones that can positively impact the Librans life, like AgateAquamarine, PeridotSapphire and TourmalineNatural Opal aids in the effective conduction of the positive energies of the ruling planet Venus and making it sympathetic towards the wearer.

The warm orange tint of the Natural Opal stone actually signifies the positive qualities of energy, endurance, vitality and power. It aids the digestive system. The deeper reds of the Natural Opal stone provides energy to the sexual chakra; while the more golden shades renders a strong influence on the solar plexus and digestive organs.

Unique Properties of Natural Natural Opal Opal helps in bringing out some significant positives that helps the people born in the Libra zodiac to lead a better life. It helps to cultivate hope and brings about a positive outlook in the approach towards life.

Natural Opal enhances the innocence that is already there in the people born in the Libra zodiac. It helps to curb the situational deceitfulness and instill a peaceful purity.

Natural Opal helps to deal with the persistent indecisiveness and helps to instill confidence, thereby bringing about happiness, faithfulness and loyalty in the people born in the Libra zodiac.

Healing Properties of Natural Opal

The people born in the Libra zodiac are prone to certain health issues that are in a way inherently associated with the zodiac sign. It can effectively offer protection against -

·        Infections of the eye

·        Problems with vision or eyesight

Natural Opal also enhances or maximizes the healing process that can be related to a host of other diseases.

The gemstone also helps the wearer in developing his intuition which is actually important as the people born in the Libra zodiac is born under the air sign and thereby, constantly on the move. The Natural Opal gemstone helps the wearer in the building up of and development of his inner constitution as he requires it in order to effectively control his emotions and take decisions. This basically helps him in his relationships and also on the professional levels.

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Impact of Natural Opal

The luminous translucence of the Natural Opal symbolizes the fire of sacrifice. It represents a mission of mystical revelation that veers towards illumination. It helps its wearer connect to his higher self in order to reduce and eliminate the separation that exists between the physical self and the soul self.

Zodiac Sign : LIBRA ( TULA)

Element: Air

Quality: Cardinal

Color: Blue, Green

Day: Friday

Ruler: Venus

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Gemini, Aquarius

Best for Marriage and Partnerships: Aries

Lucky Numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60

Date range: September 23 - October 22

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