Gemology Kits & Instruments

Gemology Kits & Instruments

Gemology Kits & Instruments.

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Ideal sets for gemologist & Jewellery designers both students & professional. Gemology involves studying the chemical, physical and optical properties that make gems such unique from stone or gravels. Gemstone identification ( Gemology) involves analyzing these properties to differentiate one species of gemstone from another. There are a various gemology tools used to distinguish or measure these properties.

While all this information about gemology tools may seem a bit confusing in the beginning, it’s meant to be a comprehensive list of the tools you may need as you get more involved in the gemology world. All a beginner needs to get started is a good gemology book, a pair of good gemology tweezers, and a 10x loupe. These simple tools will help you a long way in the study of gemstones.

Dichroscope, Hardness Pencils, Polariscope, Ultra Violet Lamps, Gem Tweezer, Diamond Tweezer,  10x Loupe, 20x Loupe, Microscope, Spectroscope, Diamond Gauge, Diamond Sieve, refractometer, diamond colour grading set, Loose Gemstones, Diamond Shape Replica, Diamond Size Replica,  etc..

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