Purchase a Gemstone in "Carat" or "Ratti"

Purchase a Gemstone in "Carat" or "Ratti"?

We normally receive a question from our customer. “What is ratti and and why are gemstones weighed in carat?”. Here you will find an explanation for the same.

"Ratti" came into existence in the absence of precise digital weighing machines, instruments and technology to weight any material.

A ratti is a traditional unit of mass measurement, and has now been standardized as 0.12125 gram. It was measured by the ratti seed. This seed is actually “Abrus Precatorius” seed.

Important notes about Carat, Grams and Ratti (Gram vs Carat vs Ratti):

Conversion from Carat and Ratti to mg
  • 1 Carat = 200 mg
  • 1 Ratti = 121.5 mg (in ayurveda this Rati is used) or
  • 1 Ratti = 182.25 mg
In India buying and selling of gemstones (birthstones)  is done according to Rati weight, but it is advised to buy them according to Carat weight because carat is a standard measurement accepted universally.

Ayurvedic Ratti
  • 1 tola = 11.664 gms
  • 1 tola = 12 masha
  • 1 masha = 8 ratti
  • 1 tola = 12 x 8 ratti
  • 1 ratti = 121.5 mg
  • 1 ratti = 0.6 carat (This is used for stone buying)
Gold Ratti
  • 1 tola = 16 aane
  • 1 aana = 4 ratti
  • 1 ratti = 182.25 mgm
  • 1 ratti = 0.9 carat

Also, its to be noted that all gemstone laboratories across the globe provide certifications with stone weight in carat and not in ratti. Get your astrological gemstones / birthstones in carat weight at Mahavir Gems Shop or call us on +91 9664115110 for a free expert gemologist consultation.

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