Amazonite Oval Faceted 11.65 Carats

Beautiful mesmerizing 11.65 Carats Oval Cabochon of Natural Unused Amazonite for astrological purpose ready to be delivered on placing the order.

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Some Legends & Facts about Amazonite Gemstones:

The powerful vibrations of an Natural unused Amazonite gemstone will pull you inside, like the current of the Amazon river, forcing you to explore the unknown depths of your inner soul revealing your power and ability. As you commence your journey, with this stone as your guru, you will be able to view various sides of situations that you previously only had one fixed stubborn view on. Recognize a profound wisdom in yourself, and allow this mesmerizing natural Amazonite to lend an intuitive eye to every corner of your life.

Worries, fears and pervasive emotional turmoil starts fading in due course of time when the energy of natural Amazonite infuses the heart and throat chakras with its super calming energy.

Natural Unused Amazonite reminds you of the pure joy of play.

Gem Weight 11.65 Carats
Gem Cut Oval Cabochon
Gem Color Green
Gem Clarity Opaque
Gem Dimension 18.00 x 13.10 x 06.25 mm approx
Gems Other Details Certified Green Oval Cabochon
Gem Shipping Weight Approx 200 gms
Gem Dichroism None

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Tags: Amazonite, Amazon Stone, blue, green, gemstone, oval, faceted, emerald, sapphire, certified, cabochon, genuine, natural

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