Blue Topaz Natural Gemstone Oval Shaped 2 Carat - 2 Ratti

Beautiful Blue Topaz oval shaped AAA+ quality for Astrological purpose from Mahavir Gems. You shall receive a Self Certified Natural Blue Topaz of Oval Shaped, AAA+ Quality on order weighing between 1.81 - 2.30 Carats / 2.00 - 2.51 Ratti 
Blue Topaz is considered to be a substitute of Blue Sapphire, a gemstone for the planet Saturrn ( Shani). It is strongly believed that topaz is a powerful stone that could increase the strength of the wearer and even provide invisibility in desperate times. Gems are mostly used for curative purpose. They are also used for wealth, longetivity, power and for fighting diseases. When gems comes in contact with the body, it injects rays into the body, restoring the balance between deficiency and excess.So this is how yellow sapphire helps to tackle and cures diarrhea, jaundice, impotency gastritis, ulcer, heart problems rheumatism, gout, arthritis etc.
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Gemstone Variety Blue Topaz
Gemstone Species Topaz
Gem Cut Oval Faceted
Gem Color Sky Blue
Gem Clarity Internally Flawless
Gem Dimension 7 x 9 mm approx

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