Fluorite Properties:

Color                :purple, red, pink, yellow, green, blue black, etc....

Specific Gravity :3.0-3.3.

Refractive index :1.434

Formula                 : CaF2 

Stone Qualities     : Clarity, Clearing Auric Field, Improved decision-making  

Hardness (Mohs)  : 4

Chakras                  : All

Zodiac                     : Pisces, Capricorn

The word "fluorescent" is derived from the mineral called Fluorite. The name of the element fluorine is also derived from Fluorite. Formerly called fluorspar, fluorite has a wide range of colors including yellow, blue, pink purple and green. It can appear in a rainbow of colors and is formed mainly around areas of hydrothermal activity, such as hot springs.The most popular color for Fluorite is a deep purple which can simulate Amethyst.

Healing Powers of Fluorite:  

Fluorite is considered to be a useful healing tool by crystal healers. It is said to repair DNA damage and benefit the cells, teeth and bones. Particularly in the form of an elixir, it may effectively fight viruses. It could aid the body while it is battling colds, sinusitis, and the flu, and it is believed to possess the ability to regenerate the mucus membranes and skin. Additionally, it has been used to provide pain relief, treat wounds and ulcers, remove wrinkles and blemishes, assist dental work, alleviate rheumatism, arthritis, and spinal injuries, boost the libido, enhance memory, ease chronic insomnia, and more.


India, Canada, USA, South Africa, Thailand, Peru, Mexico, China, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Norway, England, and Germany have fluroite.


Fluorite's wide range of colors includes the popular purple, blue, green, and yellow. It also comes in colorless, brown, pink, black and a rare reddish orange.

Care & Precaution:  

Very soft stone, requires gentle handling.

Fluorite multi shaded faceted beads necklace 16 Inch

Fluorite multi shaded faceted beads necklace 16 Inch

Fluorite multi shaded faceted beads necklace in the length of 16" inch weighing almost 17 gms / 85 C..

Natural Fluorite Octagon (Emerald) Cut 03.66 Carats

Natural Fluorite Octagon (Emerald) Cut 03.66 Carats

A beautiful natural Fluorite gemstone with multi color banding artistically handcrafted by a Indian ..

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