Labradorite Natural Gemstone Oval Chequers Cabochone

Beautifully hand carved natural Labradorite gemstone in oval Chequred cabochone for use in day to day jewelry weighing 20.90 carats. This gemstone was cut & polished in India from an 48.65 carat (Approximately) rough gem, taking into consideration of its spectral colors to be kept almost in center. The lapidarist has done an excellent job of craftsmanship by making an ordinary looking rough gem into a beautiful faceted jewel. 

Its dimensions are: 20.95 x 18.55 x 07.05 mm Approximately 

Weight : 20.90 Carats

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Gem Weight Approx 20.90 Carats Approx 22.97 Ratti* *Rati is the term of weight used as per Indian Astrology considering 0.91Carats = 1 Ratti
Gem Cut oval Chequred cabochone
Gem Clarity Included
Gem Transparency Opaque
Gem Dimension 20.95 x 18.55 x 7.05 mm Approximately
Gem Refractive Index 1.56 -1.57
Gem Specific Gravity 2.70
Gem Hardness 6 on Moh's Scale
Gem Dichroism Double Refractive
Gem Pleochroism None
Other details for Jewelry Natural Labradoite (Spectrolite) with Spectral Colors

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