Lord Chandra (Moon) Mantra to gain prosperity and the gift of good health

Effective Chandra (Moon God) Mantra to gain Prosperity (Mantra For Abundance), good health, peace of mind & enhance creativity.


The Moon, in Astrology, is the ruler of Cancer. In Sanskrit, Chandra means bright and shining. Astrologically, the moon is known to have a major impact on one’s psyche, emotions, and moods. The Moon represents our deepest personal needs, our basic habits and reactions, and our unconscious. The Moon is associated with the mother and with feminine energy in general. The Moon is both our inner child and our inner mother. It is responsive, receptive, and reflective. The Moon is our spontaneous and instinctual reactions. Also, as per Hindu Vedic astrology, we follow the lunar calendar and go by the moon sign, unlike western astrology that uses sun signs.

Benefits of Moon Mantra :

Chanting this moon mantra helps to get rid of various negative thoughts, eradicates existing & upcoming obstacles and spreads positive energy by generating peace of mind.

Gives you Prosperity and good mental, emotional and physical health.

Enables in keeping balanced & calm mind.

Helps in maintaining good relations with friends & colleges.

Boosts self confidence.

Chandra (Moon) Mantra

|| Om Shram Shrim Shroom Sah Chandramasey namah ||

If one uses this mantra he is to lead an austere life. By living an austere life it means staying away from Tamasic* substances such as meat, alcohol, drugs, sensualpleasures and smoking.

Living adisciplined Sattvic*life as this will help provide you the best benefit from this mantra.

Surya (SunGod) Mantra For Job – Mantra For Abundance

It’s recommended to start this Chandra (Moon God) mantra to gain prosperity and the gift of good health from any Monday evening, as Monday is the day of the Moon God himself. Start by taking a bath, wearing clean white dress and face the East.

Chant one rosaries (of 108 beads) or multiple of this Chandra (Moon God) mantra to gain prosperity and the gift of good health daily and continue for a period of forty one days to start seeing the positive effects in your life.

If you wish to please Chandra (Moon God) deva – it is strongly recommended to avoid things such as meat, eggs, Masoor dal ( Red Lentil ), Onions, Garlic, Alcohol and smoking during this period of forty one days (41 days ) that you do this ritual mantra for prosperity with full beliefs & dedication.

One should have faith and belief in himself along with wearing a natural Pearl gemstone in his right hand on ring finger and in this Chandra (Moon God) mantra for to gain prosperity and the gift of good health as this will only help fasten things on one’s behalf.




Tamasic foods are those that have a sedative effect on the mind and body. In general,they are considered detrimental. According to yoga, these foods are to be avoided as they can cause mental dullness and physical numbness. However, intimes of pain they are allowed to alleviate suffering.

Examples include: meat of an animal, fish,the fertilized egg, onion, garlic, scallion, leek, chive, mushroom, alcoholic beverages, durian, blue cheese, eggplant, opium, and any food which has been kept overnight before consumption.


Sattvic foods are those that lead to clarityof mind and physical health. These foods are to be consumed on a regular basis.Sattvic foods are generally those which can be obtained without harming eitheranother organism or one's self. Only Sattvic foods are acceptable as offeringsto the Hindu gods, with rare exceptions.

Examples include: water, cereal grains,legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, unpasteurized and unhomogenized fresh milkand all fresh milk derivatives (mostly ghee, but also butter, cream, fresh orcottage cheese (paneer), and yogurt (lassi)), and raw honey.


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