Self Certified Gemstones

Understanding Gemstone Certification

Gemstone certification means to evaluate or authenticate a piece of stone on the basis of different quality parameter’s set and established by gemstone industry to determine the quality, origin, variety & species of various gemstones. A gemologist (gem expert) has been appointed to precisely examine or measure the minor details of the gemstone and issue a detailed report based upon the conclusion derived from the test conducted on the gemstone. This report is referred as certification or authentication report. A gemstone certification report incorporates all measurements and test conducted on a gemstone by a gemologist to certify.

Importance of Gemstone Certification

With large numbers of fake or unethical gemstone dealer dealing in simulants, fake or synthetic gemstones, gemstone certification has become the most important factor in gemstone industry. In order to stop such unethical practice, its always advisable to demand for a gemstone certificate or authentication report where the entire details of the test conducted for its identification is mentioned along with the photograph of the gemstone and its internal inclusion is mentioned.

Hence, a gemstone certification report discloses minute details about a gemstone. Thus, a customer who wants to purchase a gemstone should optfor those dealers who offer gemstone certification along with gemstones.


It's highly recommended to buy your gemstones from a shop which issues a self certification compared to the shop which issues any third party certification, because the liability of any third party institute or gemologist is only limited to the amount charged by them for issuing of certificate as well as at times it's difficult to trace the third party location as seen in various problems.

Hence, it is advised to buy a self certified gemstone because it is being analyzed by a trained gemstone expert who is also the trader and fully responsible for the certificate issued. Secondly always demand for the certified gemstones with inclusion pattern for the transparent gemstones as these details are basically lacked by any ordinary laboratories.

 Mahavir Gems deals in self certified gemstones and the certificate are furnished with the picture of the gemstones along with the picture of the inclusions detected on the gemstone.

Gemstone Certificate

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